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Exploring the botanical biodiversity on Earth

PUBLISHED BY Acta Botanica Caucasica

Acta Botanica Caucasica” journal provides for the publication of high-quality, new results of scientific researches in all fields of Botany. The range of scientific topics of the journal is quite wide and covers the main areas of botanical science such as Plant Systematics, Morphology, Anatomy, Paleobotany, Ethnobotany, Geobotany, Foristics and even Agricultural Sciences. The journal publishes original scientific articles and reviews devoted to experimental and laboratory research at various levels, focusing on the study of new methods that will serve to maximise productivity in the crop and agrarian sector. The main purpose of the journal is to create an international forum for the exchange of ideas and research results of local and foreign researchers to a wide audience. At the same time, to interpret studies that study the impact of biological factors on the theoretical and innovative aspects of the design work, as well as to assist in the transfer of obtained results among specialists working in the field of science, to lead a discussion platform that will help to be aware of the latest results.


Aims and Scope for Acta Botanical Caucasusof Botany

In a Linnean tradition, Acta Botanical Caucasus Journal of Botany publishes original contributions of relevance to the natural botanical biodiversity on earth. All aspects of the taxonomy, evolution, ecology, conservation and biogeography of plants (including algae and bryophytes) and fungi may be treated.

Contributions devoted to systematics (including phylogenetics, genetic variation within and among taxa, nomenclature and descriptions and revisions of taxa), biogeography, ecology, conservation biology and recent changes and threats to botanical diversity are welcomed. In addition, manuscripts on macro- and micro-morphology, anatomy, cytology, paleobotany, reproductive biology and ecophysiology are welcomed provided that the findings are presented in a taxonomic, evolutionary, ecological or biogeographic context.

Authors are invited to submit manuscripts on original research within these fields. ABC also welcomes Review articles, Check lists, Data papers, Short standard papers, Method papers, Idea papers, Forum papers and initiatives of international scientific interest.

“Acta Botanica Caucasica”



The purpose of the journal is to stimulate the development of the science Botany. The issues posed by the Journal are the publication of the results of research that are relevant for professional botanists.

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