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Since recently, with its rapid development, the botanical science en-tered the era of the “Renaissance”. Botanical science, which has been considered an attractive field of knowledge throughout history, has been able to gather scientists and researchers around each period with its rich, interesting research materials.
As far as I know, plants play a key role in the life and formation of the biosphere, determining the modern appearance of the Earth, the climatic conditions of the planet and the reserves of minerals.
Plants are very diverse in structure, distribution and systematic posi-
With its unique uniqueness, plants control the order of such a vital process as photosynthesis and organic metabolism, forming the basis of food chains in biocenoses.
In the process of self-regulation of the ecosystem, violations of the ecological balance create great stresses for the habitat of many living things in nature, including plants. Recently, the urban-ization process has led to a narrowing of natural zonalities and an increase in degraded environ-mental problems. There is a need for sustainable, high-quality, high-yielding, rural and forest crop production to balance the growth burden of the ecosystem.
In this regard, as a result of the distant vision of World botanists, the science of Botany has achieved great success over the past few decades and continues to develop rapidly. At present, the increase in the number of botanical scientists in advanced countries and the improvement of research institutes in the field of Botany in the new innovative design, the emergence of Botanical Gardens, which contribute to the formation of plant bases with species poverty, promise more than previous years to contribute to the improvement of the well-being of mankind.
Today, when science and technology are developing rapidly, the publication of local and in-ternational scientific-research journals, teaching aids and popular scientific books based on mod-ern methods is of great importance in the field of Botany. A large collection of materials will be presented, which will create a written and Electronic Library base rich in literature materials. At the same time, young researchers will help scientists to carry out research works.
In order to support the latest scientific-research innovations in the field of Botany, exchange of ideas and research results of domestic and foreign researchers, as well as to support the re-search that studies the impact of biological factors on the theoretical and practical aspects of the design work, as well as to support the transfer of innovative results among specialists, “Acta Bo-tanica Caucasica” The journal includes the study of fundamental and applied botany anatomy, morphology, phytocenology, agrobotany, paleobotany, mycology, briology, algology, etc. it is planned to publish the latest research data and scientific innovations in such areas.
The “Acta Botanica Caucasica” periodic scientific research journal has been included in the state registration register of publications by the Media Development Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Jural aims to publish the results of actual scientific research works in the fields of Natu-ral Sciences, as well as Pedagogical Sciences by the employees studying and working in higher ed-ucational institutions and Research Institutes of our republic and abroad. We believe that the rep-resentation of well-known scientists and specialists in the editorial board of the journal will con-tribute to the improvement of the quality of scientific creative activity of researchers and will play an important role in bringing the results of their research to the wider scientific community.
I congratulate the editorial staff of the Journal and my colleagues working with us on the oc-casion of the publication of the first issue of the periodic scientific journal” Acta Botanica Caucasi-ca” and wish them creative success in their scientific activities.

Correspondent Members of ANAS, DrSc, prof. Elshad GURBANOV

October 2022 Vol.1